This is my new home and it is constantly changing because I just love playing around with my home decor every once in a while. It really does take a while to finally settle and find the right decor for you, it does not happen over night. My home is a lot of all the things I love all mixed together, I have an idea and just do it! It has a vintage, modern and boho feel to it. I have been waiting patiently to get all the little things done in my place but work takes up a lot of time. The mirrors I have been collecting from charity shops and shopping on the online app Shpock. Which is amazing to find little treasures not to far away. I cant really remember how the inspiration came for this wall, I think i started to piece my bedroom together and it became very French Louis XV so i just went with it.

Im finding it almost impossible to keep this plant alive, help is needed. The polaroids are from LALALAB and you can receive £5 for your first purchase by using the code PG8EEFXU.

I love this corner of my hallway. The bureau I found in a charity shop, I never really use it as a desk but i do keep all my notebooks and stationary in there. The Vogue polaroids were the first wall decoration I put up. They weren't originally meant to go anywhere but I was experimenting with different ideas and they havent moved since. 

Postcards from Vogue - Here
Peg Fairy Lights - Here

The photos above are of some of my favourite icons, I have slowly started to put them on the wall ever since I got my own tool box. I am getting good at using a hammer hehe. I found the frames from Wilkinson for a very reasonable price. The skull candelabra is so cute I love it, Jimmi had it in his house for a long time and he gave it me because he knew how much i loved it.  I came across this amazing store VincentVandoodle, they sell the coolest mugshots of celebrities and all sorts of amazing print work, i have linked it below.

Mick Jagger Frame - Here
Black Photo Frame - Here
Light Box - Here

I have some of my plants on here for the time being, as my little kitten Fleetwood cant jump that high yet and I don't want to hurt him with the deadly cactuses. 

Silver Work Lamp - Here

My Grandad got me this amazing cigar box, Its so vintage and perfect for my coffee table. We are probably the only two people in the family that love vintage, antiques and looking for bargains. This book is such a good read with so much amazing art. 

Frida Kahlo Book - Here

The picture was a must, I was looking for something for awhile but wasn't sure what I really wanted. I found this poster and it really has set the living room off. All i need now is my white wooden floor. 

Frida Kahlo Poster - Here
Eye Cushions - Here

All the pictures on the wall have been collected in charity shops and antique shops. I love the vintage feel to this corner and my lovely kitty Fleetwood. 

This is my favourite spot of the house, as you can see I had nothing here before so I decided to make it into a little seat where I can read my books. Green velvet came straight into mind with many hats towering above. I will find a space for a small bookcase here somewhere.

Hope you guys liked it! Let me know what you think :)



  1. Babe, you finally uploaded your blog <3 Now I'm waiting to be inspired by outfit posts !
    Anyway, your home is so YOU and very unique, well done, can't wait to see it with my own eyes. <3