Oh just look at it! It looks like the most adorable place, It is definitely on my bucket list. Hallstatt is a village is Austria's Salzkammergut region. It has 16th century houses with beautiful views of the salt lake. I would love to explore this village one day and take millions of photos in every corner and go for long walks, discover all the hidden streets, have a picnic while watching the swans float by. 

Hallstatt is a must see destination with houses built up on the mountains, you can eat fresh fish whilst looking at the incredible lake views! There's beautiful Hand made craft gifts to take home with you and plenty of other amazing things to do. You can fill your day by checking out the oldest salt mine in the world, have lunch at the Rudolfsturm restaurant that has a sky walk platform literally built of a cliff. I cant wait to explore this village one day.


Me and my boyfriend Jimi are crazy for Cuba. Jimi looks like he would fit right in with the style (I'm pretty sure he styles himself on a Cuban man ha ha) and I just want to drive around in vintage American cars and take photos of colourful busy streets. Salsa dance on the night sipping cocktails with flowers in my hair and just get lost in culture, cathedrals and museums. However I know that 70% of that image Cuba portrays is probably true but i would also really like to see the real Cuba and what its like behind all the tourist attractions and colourful streets. It's definitely a place we would both dream to go together and I hope we get to experience it soon. 


Tulum is a tropical little town on the Caribbean side of Mexico, filled with beautiful white sand beaches and crystal turquoise water. I would love to rent a bicycle and ride through the village, visit the Mayan archaeological site, spend the morning snorkeling alongside the colourful fish, go cliff jumping and fly 66 feet over the jungle on a zip line circuit, visit Akumal where you can walk into the water and swim with giant sea turtles and eagle rays ( How amazing does that sound.)

 Tulum is also the hot spot for yoga retreats, amazing food and plenty of shopping and has some of the most amazing hotels on the beach. It looks like absolute heaven and I can't wait to explore it all. The hotel above is Suenos Tulum


I first saw a picture of Innsbruck on Facebook and I was blown away, ever since that day it has been on my bucket list. I'm not sure I could do much more than stare in awe at the view that lies within the Austrian Alps. I think it would be the perfect place to go in the summer and winter. I can imagine taking a nice walk to the Markthalle, the perfect place to stroll around. Pick up some fresh food for a lovely picnic and do nothing but enjoy the magical views. Explore the golden roof and learn about the history of Innsbruck, climb the Stradtturm which will give you amazing panoramic views of the city. Its definitely a must do!


Bali you enchanting magical tropical paradise! I have been waiting to see you for so long, I was supposed to go this summer, I hope we still can!

 There seems so much to do in Bali, one of its main attractions is the amazing Hindu temples dotted around each city. The spirituality is beaming and the most perfect time to connect with yourself is to practise Yoga. You will find many Yoga sanctuaries all over Bali. My friend recently just visited to teach meditation and yoga, so I've heard all about the amazing peace and energy that Bali can give you and I cant wait to experience it myself. I have my lonely planet Bali book ready to explore every part of Bali.. the beaches, the jungle, dip into some hot springs, go dolphin watching, enjoy the traditional spa treatment and massage. Dance around Ubud and meet new people and take a visit to the Ubud monkey forest.   


Some where in the world a place like this exists, it looks like the most amazing dream. I am taking my mother and her fiance here, they will spend 10 days here for their honeymoon next year. You can find 1,192 islands, 200 of those are inhabited by locals whilst the other 80 are home to resorts and run off tourism. You can also find amazing reefs, lagoons and the most amazing beaches in the world. You can find yourself in paradise, how could you ever leave? Waking up in your water bungalow to the view of the ocean, turtles and sharks swimming past your window. Having your coffee in your infinity pool whilst listening to the sound of NOTHING but the ocean! Spending the day at your resort, snorkeling and going crazy on the water sports like jet skiing and parasailing. Take a ride in the sea plane, watch dolphins, swim with whale sharks, visit Malé the world smallest capital. I would love to stay at the Kandolhu resort as it looks amazing and also take a trip to the Conrad, Ranhali Island to dine at the underwater restaurant (below.)



Anywhere in Italy is a good idea, number one on my bucket list would be to travel around Italy and see everything possible. I would like to see Rome first, there is something about the Roman Empire that is very exciting and intriguing. My first sight would be a nice walk over to the Roman forum, Colosseum and the Pantheon and a must see visit to the Vatican. Get myself a huge gelato, throw three coins into the Trevi Fountain to be guaranteed a return to Rome, when I've become more confident, hire out a Vespa,  Find a cute restaurant to eat pizza or pasta and spend the rest of my time roaming around Rome with a map and an expresso and taking a million photographs and polaroids. 


Burano is known for its brightly coloured houses and centuries of lace making. It would be the most amazing place to take photographs, a photographers dream. It is the most colourful town I've ever seen, it reminds me of the children's show Balamory. You can get here by  express ferry which runs from Venice's San Zaccaria stop. It takes about 45 minutes and costs £6.50 per person, which is definitely worth it! Burano didn't really establish much importance until the 16th century when the women began to stitch lace while the men would go out fishing. They would paint their houses bright colours so they could spot it from a distance. Now they are preserving the essence of their uniqueness and I'm so happy about it. It would be a dream to visit, so if you ever find yourself in Venice, go take a visit. 


You can find this amazing place in Kakslauttanen Finland, it surely seems like a once in a lifetime experience. The landscape is surrounded with picturesque trees, igloos and skiing slopes. If there could be a real life Narnia, I think I've found the place. This heated Igloo looks incredible and to make it even more magical, You can see the Northern lights. Something I've always wanted to see! It would be so magical to spend the day tobogganing, throwing snowballs, blanket and cuddles and mulled wine and end the day looking up at the beautiful sky, in hopes to see the Northern lights.  


Morocco is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been, its beaming with culture and amazing handmade products. Ive never had so much fun shopping in my life, every corner was filled with magic gems. I was able to travel to a few different cities in Morocco, however I never made it to Chefchaoten. Chefchaoten is situated between two peaks of the Rif mountains and is the bluest city you will ever see. You can sit in the Plaza Uta El-Hammam in the heart of Medina and watch the world go by. I would love to visit this place, eat my favourite Moroccan dishes couscous and tajine again, talk with the locals, sight see in every blue corner and relax and unwind.


  1. Loved reading this post, your making me want to plan a little trip around austia!!

    Dana ||

    1. Hi Dana, Thank you for the comment! Austria seems like the most beautiful place, I hope we both get to go very soon xox

  2. I almost went to Morocco a couple of years ago... I didn't go in the end and now I'm really regretting it!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. You should definitely take a visit! Its life changing <3


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