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Hi :)

I know I haven't blogged in so long, I have missed it so much.. to the point that I felt like I had a big part of my life missing. In the last year I am working full time, my work takes up my whole days and I hardly have the time off. I am going to make the effort to post more regularly and show you how much my style and lifestyle has changed. 

Last week I got the privilege to Visit Greece with my boyfriend Jimi, we decided to stay at the Mabely Grand Hotel in Kampi which I will blog more about in an upcoming post. I decided to do my last minute shopping for my outfits in Forever 21, which I am absolutely obsessed with. I love the lace ups, the frills, the flared arms, the boho 70s vibe that fills the store. 

I fell in love with this floral cut out dress, its so effortless and light for the hot weather. Its the type of dress that can look good anywhere, anytime. The sandals are really comfortable and are currently in the sale on the Miss Selfridge website. 

Love Killy

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  1. I'm glad to see you back.
    Forever 21 has a big place in my closet too, this store is heaven and so cheap.
    Can't wait to see more posts.