Ive had these boots for years and never worn them. I was never sure on them but now I can say that I love them my mind has been changed. I thought I would match them with something quite simple with grey tones. I am wearing my mothers grey shirt but on me I guess its more over sized, all my grey shirts were too fitted for the look that I wanted. It decided to rain as I sat down so I only have a few photos to show you. 

I have been on Depop a lot lately, thats where I found this beautiful coin statement necklace. You can find my store @killynicole


  1. Adore those boots, i think everyone should own a pair of snake skin shoes tbh!

    Dana || Fashion-Dew

  2. Post again babe, I miss your inspirational outfits ! (You should do a post with outfits that didn't make it, there are so much cool ones on your insta) xxxx