I have had these boots for awhile but haven't got round to shooting them. I loved them so much I took them to Tenerife to wear but it was so hot there, I couldn't wear them. I found them in a charity shop awhile back and knew that they would look killer with this type of bohemian outfit. Me and Jim decided to go for a nice walk and relax in the sunshine and take some photos. We both had our own cameras and took some shots. 

Anyways, I'm back in the city now spending time with my boyfriend as usual. Watching movies and finding nice places to spend our free days. I feel inspired again to do more posts and blog all the outfits I wear. Vacations are a great way to put everything back into perspective. 

Love Killy

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  1. My favourite outfit of all times ! The fringed jacket is the best I've ever seen, I want it so bad. You should post more pictures of this outfit Laulau ;)