70's Summer

Bag // Zara

I am currently in Tenerife and it is beautiful. I am mostly spending my days at the beach relaxing and shopping. I came across these amazing bell bottoms, I have been looking for the perfect fitted flares and I found them! I paired them with this really summery shirt from Ivy revel who now have a sale on! I am always wearing their clothing, it is summer perfection. I always seem to find vintage stores and charity shops in the middle of nowhere, I found this little shop that had so many badass dresses and sunglasses, I had to get these 70s vintage shades. I have had a lot of 70s inspiration for this trip, I will post more outfits soon.



  1. Summer is the season which is full of damn hot days and I think we all should wear the bright colors as they are a sign of cold colors. And you look super gorgeous in summer outfit

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