25th Birthday

My birthday was cute, I went to the safari park and fed the animals which was really scary, when the giraffes had their heads in the car on my lap Me and jim had a picnic and had fun all day running around the dinosaur land and attractions. (My god I sound about 6) ha ha! Later on in the day I went for a meal with my family and Jim to Jamie's Italian restaurant, it was so delicious and a nice way to end the day.

I got some really lovely gifts from Jim, GHD curling tongs that are absolutely amazing, I've wanted them for a long time. Doc martens and a matching Doc marten bag that Ive posted in my recent posts. Most of all I loved this special birthday card, I cant say what was inside, its a secret but he is the sweetest!


  1. Such a beautiful surprise plan for someone who really loves and care about you. you are such a nice couple. I thought he was so glad to know that someone cares for him .

  2. loved to see your adorable life story , your beautiful overflowing wardrobe and amazing travel stories, i really enjoyed your blog, you are such a lovely personality, thanks for sharing with us.