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Jumpsuit // Inlovewithfashion

I am inlove with my new biker, Ive always wanted one ever since 2011 when I watched the Lana Del Rey, Born to die music video. It looks amazing with prints. The jumpsuit Ive had since last year, I haven't actually wore it out but its so comfortable. I definitely need tho invest in these 70s style suits. This was a casual outfit that I wore to run errands, it would be perfect with a pair of heels for the evening. 

I have recently had my first tattoo, as you can see on my thumb. I always said I would never ever have one... but this just shouted out to me and I had to have it. I didn't feel any pain but it was a weird feeling. Last night I did have nightmares that I was covered in all these really awful tattoos that were really badly done, so i don't think that I will have anymore ha ha.

My Easilock hair extensions have been in almost 3 months now, the hair is still as silky as it was when I first had them done, Ive had no bonds fallout and everything is just how it was. I can do everything I would with my real hair. I cant imagine my life without them. Soon I will be uploading a blog post all about 'Easilocks'! Let me know if thats something you are interested in.

There has been a change to my blog, I decided to be part of the .com world. Moonmagik is still here but my website will be from now.

Have a great weekend
Love Killy


  1. This look is amazing! I especially love your sunglasses and this overall, so cute and special <3

    Fee (Floral Fascination)

  2. Oh WOW! That jumpsuit is just gorgeous. What an incredible print and such lovely colours x