I am wearing my new H&M jacket, with its warm colour tones and vintage style paisley pattern. I really like the bomber design of the jacket, it makes it easy to dress up or down. It was a frosty morning so i wrapped up with my cosy scarf, also from H&M.
Dr Martens are my footwear of choice in any occasion, i really love them!

The Heart Is A Bloom

Jacket/All Saints

Today's super casual look with these leather style joggers, I love that you can dress them up or down with heels or like me Dr Martens. I wear them a lot with slip on plimsolls, when I don't want to dress up too much but have to run errands. I love H&M basics, I always find my plain shirts there like this grey one.  I have wanted to try brighter colours on my hair for awhile, It is something I used to experiment a lot with when I was younger when my hair was always lighter, so now it is blonder I can. I thought i would try the hair chalk by fudge, its really effective however it is really messy and gets everywhere! So i would recommend gloves and a apron! :) 

The World's Not Set In Stone

Blazer/Primark Mens

I'm wearing a casual look today, I'm really loving this heavy tweed style blazer from Primark, it really works well with the Acid washed denim shorts. The Vintage paper boy bag was a great find and i adore the distress it shows. My Jesus Gets The Girl tee is a cool shirt that i can style up or down, its a classic/timeless design. The Doc Martens are a must have in this cold weather and they just lend themselves to any outfit and style, i love them!

Light My Way

Boots/TK MAX

Keeping warm, wrapped up in this amazing vintage coat that I've had for a couple of years. Sometimes i just love wearing all black everything! I brought the Elegant look back down to earth with my ripped jeans, i just can't get enough of them lately. Ive been ripping all my jeans, it feels weird wearing jeans with no rips!

Shadow Of The Sun

Fringe Jacket/Vintage

Today I'm wearing a Vintage suede jacket with fringed sleeves, which was given to me by a friend who had previously toured the world in it, in a band called The Quireboys. I was pretty happy to accept it! Its the type of jacket that ill cherish forever and never tire of wearing. I came across these leather boots in the Topshop sale, they stood out to me as they're reminiscent of a Chanel vibe.