Boots/Beyond Retro

I am missing my little puppy love Ulysee who is back in France, all he wants to do is sleep and cuddle and he follows me everywhere. I hope I can see him soon! Being back at home in England is nice, I have spent everyday catching up with friends and visiting all my favourite restaurants. Summer is over which I am having a hard time accepting, but it is OK because I can wear this perfect floral blazer. I found it at a French braderie and just loved it! When I go to France I just search for all the braderie's because I always find so many beautiful vintage pieces. I go a little crazy inside as thrifting is my favourite type of shopping. The bag I found in Lille France at a charity store and I wear it almost everyday. It is perfect :) 


  1. The bag's from Tourcoing (near Lille) dear ! The charity shop is called Ding Fring, the shops from Emmaus, the french Oxfam, if you want your french readers to find it ;)

  2. such a cool outfit :) you look like some american celebrity having a walk in the park :)