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Chunky Gladiator Sandals/Primark White Gladiator Sandals/Chunky Lace Up Boots/eBay Cutout Silver Buckle Boots/Double Zip Boots

I am in love with chunky boots or just boots in general its all I really like to wear and will still probably be wearing in the summer. So I went ahead and put my favorites together, the River Island double zip boots are my absolute favorite! I cant take them of! If i haven't attached links its because the boots are old or they do not have a website, I could not find the silver cutout boots anymore but I found similar ones here. I am going to do more posts on my new/current shoes. What would you like to see next?


  1. actually i would love to see a makeup review or your daily makeup look :)

    1. Good idea, me too ! :)

    2. I want to do it but i don't know how to edit videos, I will have to find someone who can help me :)