Lovers Bones

White studded jacket/Primark
Black Trousers/River Island

This is a really casual outfit that I wore to school, nothing beats my plaid shirt that I found in a vintage warehouse and my favourite tshirt brand ever The Orphan's Arms. Two of my favourites to wear on a casual day running errands. The boots are Dr Martens, I have wanted them since I can even remember and I finally got them around christmas time. I love them and I dont even care if it becomes too hot to wear them I am! 



I havent wore patterned tights in so long but when I found these awesome tights by Trendy Legs I couldnt resist. Go check out more tights here.

State Of Love And Trust

Red Dress/Topshop
Bag/New Look

Today I am wearing a simple red dress that I have had for awhile, so sorry I could not find it online. I have probably had it years and years. The boots I haven't wore for awhile, they match everything and I wanted to make my dress more casual. I don't normally wear red but as the sunshine is out, I am more drawn to colours this last few weeks. I am sure the all black outfits will come back shortly. Today I found a beautiful black bag in a charity shop, go check out more posts on my Instagram page @Killynicole. 


Bag/Charity shop

My obsession with vintage bags has really took over my wardrobe. I have the impulse to buy any vintage bag I find in a charity shop, probably because its so cheap but either way I cant refuse. This is my latest buy for £1.50. BARGAIN!! I spent the day in London with my friends, we decided to adventure around Brick Lane for most of the day which is now my new favourite place. It was so alive with people, energy, music and talent. So much to see and so many people to meet it really is a place you would never want to leave. I was adventuring around the markets and found some pretty earrings that I posted on my Instagram (@killynicole) and a beautiful vintage dress that my friend brought me and a maxi skirt. I shall be wearing them in up coming posts. 

I love this floral skirt from Sammy dress, how pretty is it? I was wearing shorts under because the wind kept blowing it up aha. I'm sure you are going to see a lot of floral sneaking into my outfits this Spring/Summer.


The sun is shining which means I can ditch the tights for one day! It is so nice to be able to wear a dress without covering my legs. The shoes are from primark, literally fell in love when I was in London and set my eyes on them. They also do them in holographic, Primark do not have a online website so I have attached a similar item. eBay have so many cool chunky sandals and boots right now! I am going to make a few purchases myself. The dress I really cant remember where it was from, I think I randomly found it at one of those under £10 cheap stores. The bag is originally from Topshop but I found it at charity shop. Feeling happy and energised, I wonder if it has anything to do with the sunshine? haha