I found these photos on my computer from France around December time. I don't know how I forgot about them but I did. I love these 90 moms jeans, they aren't the most flattering jeans in the world but they are still pretty awesome! I love my T bar shoes, they are still available online, they remind me of school girl shoes.



I have a love hate relationship with these Nikes. When I got them at first I loved them but never wore them because I started to dislike them and now I love them again! What do you think? Lately I am more about being comfortable and casual but that will more than likely change as Spring creeps up!



This jumpsuit is from Bank and it is very versatile, I had many ideas of how to wear it but I liked this look the most. The jumpsuit is casual but also very chic! so you can wear it day and night with heels or even trainers. I added a vintage clutch and hat to make it more me and I absolutely love these patent loafers. They have been hiding in my closet for awhile!

Go Your Own Way


This look is all about being cosy and warm and trying to survive in this cold weather. I got really excited today and I thought we were going to have a lot of  snow but it disappeared. So I guess this is my snow themed outfit! but maybe more suitable shoes! My shoes were a gift and they are reverently cheap, I have been living in them and I cant wait to wear them in Spring/Summer without the socks. I have been listening to Fleetwood Mac at the moment hence the name of my blog post. Stevie Nicks is my inspiration at the moment, what is yours?


The sun is out which only means the shorts come out to. I love my velvet shorts so much I don't want to take them of, go check out Boodwah for more amazing shorts, bikinis and crop tops. I love this hair too much I am tempted more as the days pass to cut it! The hat, bag and sunglasses are all vintage. I look like I am ready to ride a motorbike haha, this was not intentional!! Most of the time I do not plan outfits I just wear what I want in the moment.

Blank Page


 I am getting caught in the rain! Love my new tee from Librastyle, they have many more cool designs but this one was one of my favorites! love him! I am going with this new hair style for awhile before I decide if i want to cut it. What do you think? You can see more pictures on my Instagram @Killynicole