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I have had this top for awhile and have been meaning to wear it. Anything vintage and sparkley I just LOVE!! Its about a size UK18 and has shoulder pads, but that wasn't stopping me from trying to do it justice, So ignore the big shoulders. I wore this outfit around Paris on New Years Eve but I never took any pictures. I didn't want to be responsible walking round Paris, maybe a little drunk (:P) with my Nikon at early hours. So i retook them in this beautiful room with so many mirrors and windows. They are redecorating the place, and removing all the vintage wallpaper, that has to have been there for a long time. I am sad! So goodbye wallpaper! I am back home in England now but I have a few outfit posts from France I haven't uploaded yet, so make sure you check that out. Have a fantastic day!

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  1. Yole your style and pics quality!