I am feeling really casual today in this WalG jumper, I love how versatile it can be and definitely something different than the usual. I love my new plaid shirt, I purchased a few while I was vintage shopping and I am probably going to be living in them, in the next few months.

 I am thinking of changing my hair, any suggestions would be great. 

Have a nice day!

The Tie


I have started to obsess over ties, ever since I went to the vintage warehouse I  just love them. I love the paisley design, I also got a Mickey Mouse tie and a plain black one which will be nice with a white shirt. I added the leather skirt to add more of a feminine touch and the leather jacket just comes with me everywhere ha. The skirt and tie were from the vintage warehouse I went to in my city, which I will probably be going back to every week, it was so much fun. I think I may have a problem of hoarding vintage pieces. I cannot say NO and I  cant let go!!!

Have a nice day!

She Was Red And The Sky Was Grey


I really love this gold belt and the dress is perfect for a night out with heels or just a everyday look. I have been wearing more vintage lately and after cleaning and organizing my closet yesterday. I found so many vintage pieces I really need to post, cant wait to show you! Today I purchased three boots from River Island, you can check them out on my Instagram @Killynicole.


I am wearing my moms shirt I kinda just seen it hanging around so I was like yep I will wear that. Most of the time my outfits aren't planned I just put them together as I go. I love this vintage blazer that I have had awhile. I used to hate it but now its grown on me, I like it layered with this WalG cardigan. This outfit is laid back and casual for me, something I like to wear when I am just hanging with friends. My friend decorated my hand with henna as you can see. I still have so many henna pens left over from when I visited Nepal, I need to get some practice before summer starts.



Love this relaxed look, throwing on shorts and crop tops like I used to always do. Nothing better sometimes than wearing bleached denim and beanies. I love the pastel colors in trend this Spring/Summer so I decided to pair the purple and pink together but couldn't help throwing a lot of black in there. Can it be summer already? I cant wait to wear bare legs and feel the sun on my skin, I think its time to plan my summer holidays. Where should I go?

We Owned The Night


Hey guys! This is my first shoot back home i was so happy to finally wear my vintage dress. It is a playsuit with a dress over, so its two in one. I absolutely adore it as I have never seen anything like it before. The pretty flowers make it even more cute. I matched it with this blazer from WalG to compliment the flowers. There are so many ways to wear the dress and blazer but I liked them together I have wanted a white blazer for so long and this was the perfect fit. Oh and I finally have a film for my vintage camera, I cannot wait to see how they turn out! fingers crossed.

Stripes In Town

I love this shirt so much, It has a real vintage feeling to it! The coat I kind of just found in the house... I guess its someones but I borrowed it! The scarf I found to! I was running out of clothes during the last days as I had worn everything and I probably got changed 3 times in one day so there were no clothes left to wear. I seem do that a lot on my holidays, wear everything at once. So this is the outfit I came up with! Go check out Persun their clothes are amazing. 

In The Lonely Hour

Hey! I am stealing my boyfriends jacket in this look. I don't think he even noticed ha! I love plaid so much especially in blue or red. I never had anything blue plaid, so when I received this dress I was excited. I have styled it previously with a oversize blue coat but I did not bring it with me on my trip. You can style it many ways, with a leather jacket and a black beanie would also look so cute.

Paris Memories

Favorite perfume, The Eiffel Tower, Chanel, Galeries Lafayette and dreaming of those apartments :)