Creepers/New Look

Hello October!! 
I am wearing this super cute jumper from The Orphan's Arms. I am always excited to receive from them. They have the cutest clothing. I love the writing on the back. It has a English feeling and is perfect for the weather right now. The trousers are really old, I found them in my wardrobe and I haven't seen them for years. They are loose fit and are really comfy so I have attached the only pair I could find that wasn't a skinny fit. I have so much tartan I could probably blog about it for days. I just thrifted a really cute plaid skirt with buckles. I can't wait  to wear it!

My wardrobe is completely crazy right now. I am in the process of moving my closet into a bigger room and getting that room built into a real closet. I have clothes everywhere and they are starting to annoy me. Having the problem of not finding what I need and I cant keep it organized in such a small space. Soon as its done I will do a tour and show you what I have been up to.

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  1. wow!! you r doing great! keep it up... :) m gonna follow u everywhere :P ;)