I am loving this cosy wolf jumper, absolutely love the print and the fact I can throw it on with anything. Check out Wrong People for more designs. I found this blazer today with a matching skirt, I think the colour is perfect for this winter. When I got home I realized it matched these boots that I have had for absolutely forever. They were made for each other, so I will be wearing these two more in the future. It is starting to get colder so I am starting to layer more.

Have a nice day! 


These photos were taken about 2 months ago, I completely forgot I took them. I was not planning on shooting this,it was a beautiful day. The sunglasses were given me by a friend, we call them Lolita. I'm sure you can probably guess why.


Kimono/Charity shop

Mondays suck!but today I am feeling witchy in this beautiful kimono, I found it in a charity shopping doing my weekly hunt. I thought I would pair it with a old scarf as I thought the colours really compliment each other. There are so many ways to style this kimono, I will definitely do more posts in it. I love my new shades from Celeb shades, they are my perfect type of sunglasses and they do pretty much every style. It is definitely worth checking out. My hair is back to dark brown, but it looks black here. I have missed this colour too much! What do you prefer?


Lace shirt/H&M

I love this oriental jumpsuit from Inlovewithfashion, it has that Boho vibe that I love. I added the lace shirt for a more rock Boho look. I love the pattern and back detail. I have been wearing these necklace a lot lately. I found them at a local rock store, I am planning on buying more.


This is what I am wearing on this lazy Sunday!  I found this amazing vintage plaid jacket at a charity store, it was only £3! I was in heaven, I love plaid too much, I have been wearing it every day pretty much. I wonder if i will ever get bored of it? The boots I got from eBay China. They do come small, so if you order them get them a size bigger. These ones are slightly different than my last ones in my recent posts, they are higher and the buckles are silver. The dress is from one of my favorite stores Inlovewithfashion, it is really cute in black also!
I added some hair extensions! I think that I will wear them some days.

The weather is so bad, so the pictures are more dull than usual. I just wish it stopped raining.


Creepers/New Look

Hello October!! 
I am wearing this super cute jumper from The Orphan's Arms. I am always excited to receive from them. They have the cutest clothing. I love the writing on the back. It has a English feeling and is perfect for the weather right now. The trousers are really old, I found them in my wardrobe and I haven't seen them for years. They are loose fit and are really comfy so I have attached the only pair I could find that wasn't a skinny fit. I have so much tartan I could probably blog about it for days. I just thrifted a really cute plaid skirt with buckles. I can't wait  to wear it!

My wardrobe is completely crazy right now. I am in the process of moving my closet into a bigger room and getting that room built into a real closet. I have clothes everywhere and they are starting to annoy me. Having the problem of not finding what I need and I cant keep it organized in such a small space. Soon as its done I will do a tour and show you what I have been up to.