The Graduate

Hat/Charity shop

I had to buy this hat when my eyes set sight on it in charity shop for £3. I love it, I want more in every colour. I was inspired to do a 60s look when I received the top and I had just purchased these patent brogues recently and I loved how it worked with the shirt and the hat. I think they were all made for each other. This week I have been buying vintage coats in preparation for winter. I cant wait to show you all of my amazing finds and wear them in my future posts. I have warmed to the idea of winter and I am actually looking forward to it. 

Have a nice day!



I love loose tshirt dresses like this. I really needed one to add to my wardrobe, so when this was sent to me I was really excited. I love how basic it is but it stands out. These boots I think I will be wearing a lot lately. Loving them is a understatement. I have ordered a few other similar pairs, can't wait to have them. I think they bring a punk effortless look to any outfit.

 Can't stop wearing these fishnets since I ordered them of eBay, the link I attached, is the exact one I ordered from. I am drawn to dark colors and more of a punkish vibe this last month, I think now summer is over I am more comfortable in this style. My style is pretty much split personality anyway, so we will see.


How unique is this jumpsuit from Inlovewithfashion. I have nothing like this in my wardrobe until now. It stands out, so beware you will turn heads if your wearing it. I love the bold print and the silk material. I matched it with my new chunky boots from eBay, which are a million times better in real life. The quality is amazing for the price. I wanted to be comfortable so this is how I styled my look which I think is more me. You can add heels and make the jumpsuit look completely different and really elegant, if that's more your style. I think that anything can work with this jumpsuit. I was originally going to match it with plaid but I decided to leave it like this, I think this pattern would compliment plaid very well, for that clashy look.

My jewerelly is from Nepal and the spike necklace/headband is from eBay.

Have a nice day!


I am not to sure how I feel about Summer being over, It is not to cold for mesh tops and shorts right now. I have missed my fur coats and I am looking forward to layering more clothes. Mesh and leather are my favourite things so I absolutely love this OMGFASHION top. A pair of acid wash shorts can never go wrong with black and by adding spikes and studs you can make it more grunge. 

This beanie is super cute, I found it on a online store on amazon. They do many cool beanies and also I have the matching backpack to this beanie, Which is awesome for school. 

Have a nice day!

Cloud Nine


I love this bold blue color especially against the black. The weather has been terrible although its not that cold yet its raining so much, so I quickly shot these photos. The play suit is really comfortable, and versatile as you can wear it in the day time and dress it up at night. I have gone for the day look as I was in school all day and I wanted to be more comfortable. I really love my new patent brogues from Primark and what a absolute bargain? They do not have a online website for those who do not no but you can find the store in many places in Europe.

Have a great weekend!

Lace detail

I am in love with this simple lace dress by inlovewithfashion. You can make it casual or dress it up with heels. I added a jumper over the top because it was cold here in England. The jumper I found a garage sale, they were selling 2 jumpers for £1 so I got so many cute styles. You can see more on Instagram @Killynicole. I love grunge style, it is actually probably one of my favorite ever styles. The hair scrunchie is really 90s and reminds me of when I used to wear them. I wish i wasn't so young as i could of appreciated my era more.

Tartan Blue


Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been busy at school and on many projects but I am back after 2 long weeks of no blogging. I am happy to be back and share all my outfit posts with you. This jumpsuit is so comfy it actually felt like i was in pajamas all day, you can make it super chic with a clutch and heels or just be more casual like me and add leather and creepers. It was perfect for a long day of school and to meet friends for dinner after. The blazer is perfect as the weather is starting to become colder. I love my creepers from Select, they are different to my others and I really like the double buckle effect.

Not to sure why I look so white! I need some sunshine!

Have a nice day!