These Waters

Hey guys! I am pretty excited about these boots. I have a few pairs of Doc Martens but when I found this for €2 at a local bradrie I died. I cannot believe I found them for this price as they are more expensive. As you can see they are in perfect condition, I love them! The gold rings I am wearing are so comfortable and they match with everything, you can buy as many as you want and layer them up all over your fingers. The jumper from WalG is the perfect beach jumper when It is slightly windy and you still want to keep warm, while you relax on the beach. They have finally made a website and I am sure in the next week you can find many cute jumpers and items there. The spike choker I am wearing, Is actually a headband/choker, you can wear it however you like and its only 99p!! The cross necklace I found in H&M mens a long time ago. 

Have a nice day!!! I am trying to enjoy the last days of summer as much as possible, as England is going to be so cold.