Pink Kinda Day!

Flower Headband/Primark

I found the dungarees at a local shop in England for £7.99 so I had to get them. I found this spot to take some photos and relax with my boyfriend. There wasn't any people and it was like having our own little beach. I will definitely go back there when I go the beach, sometimes the beach is to crowded.  I am actually not the biggest fan of pink but it seems that I always seem to wear the colour, so maybe I like it more than I think. Later in the night I went to watch Les mis√©rables, it was a sound and light show set outside surrounded by real old building. It was absolutely amazing I have never been to anything like that before. Have a nice day!


  1. You are lovely in pink!
    Only 8£ for the dungarees is soo great! =)
    I love the photos

  2. So cute!