I love this jumpsuit It is actually the best jumpsuit I own. It is so comfy and makes you feel badass!! I was walking around the town like Beyonce, No! JOKING but seriously It is amazing. I cant wait to wear it on a night out with friends. Inlovewithfashion do amazing clothes and I am really happy to receive all the beautiful things I have posted lately from them. Go check them out here. The heels I got from here, a really cheap store where everything is £5! I could not complain when I received them, they have no faults and are really good quality. Today is my last day in France, sadly I will be going home and back to school/college. I am going to miss France so much, talking french and being with friends and of course my boyfriend.

I hope everyone has a nice day! Smile :)

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  1. Beautiful with this jumpsuit!