Pearls and Kisses


I love this dress from Banggood, the material is quite thick so I think it will be great for a Autumn night. I decided to keep the make up minimal and just add red lipstick and vintage earrings. The dress has beautiful pearl detail so I wanted to keep everything else simple.  I am back home now. I did not have a laptop but I was surprised by my mother with a new one, so I am beyond happy I can continue with my blog sooner.



I love this jumpsuit It is actually the best jumpsuit I own. It is so comfy and makes you feel badass!! I was walking around the town like Beyonce, No! JOKING but seriously It is amazing. I cant wait to wear it on a night out with friends. Inlovewithfashion do amazing clothes and I am really happy to receive all the beautiful things I have posted lately from them. Go check them out here. The heels I got from here, a really cheap store where everything is £5! I could not complain when I received them, they have no faults and are really good quality. Today is my last day in France, sadly I will be going home and back to school/college. I am going to miss France so much, talking french and being with friends and of course my boyfriend.

I hope everyone has a nice day! Smile :)

Kick Out The Jams

I love these pastel dungarees, I forgot I had them with me and found them packing my suitcase. I actually purchased these dungarees in my local town but I found them on eBay. eBay literally has everything! I love it. Some days I just feel like dressing loose and boyish and not doing my hair. I have been wearing many bright colours lately but I think that it will only last a short time. I am going home this week, It is sad but exciting to start new things. France has given me a amazing summer.

Let the light seep through me

Hey! This is another amazing dress from Inlovewithfashion. I love the colours and the mirror print. I liked how the light seemed to go straight through the dress, that was my inspiration for the blog title. Its so light and really easy to wear in the Summer, Autumn. You can match it with heels or flats, I decided to wear my pink creepers I have had awhile. I liked how the colours matched. You can find the pink creepers really cheap on eBay. I am going home next week, to start school again. I want to stay here forever. What is everyone doing in September?

Have a nice day!

We loved with love that made love jealous.

I cannot express how really I am in love with this dress, when I seen it online I thought it was really cute because I am a sucker for lace. When it arrived it was definitely more beautiful than I imagined. It so simple yet so detailed, I did not want to over do it with accessories so I decided to wear a choker and watch. When the weather becomes more cold I will wear it with tights and boots and leather and probably my black beanie. For now it is still warm, so the dress was enough for me. You can visit Inlovewithfashion here and also right now you can receive 25% of playsuits by using the discount code PLAYSUITMANIA. 

Have a nice day!

Shake it!

I love this light jacket from Bang good its really thin and perfect for summer when you want to wear black and not die of heat. I think it looks quite vintage style and most of there clothing is really affordable. I paired it with this satin skirt that I orginally got from Primark but I have attactched a similar item. The top is also from Primark but I found a seller on eBay selling the same one.

These Waters

Hey guys! I am pretty excited about these boots. I have a few pairs of Doc Martens but when I found this for €2 at a local bradrie I died. I cannot believe I found them for this price as they are more expensive. As you can see they are in perfect condition, I love them! The gold rings I am wearing are so comfortable and they match with everything, you can buy as many as you want and layer them up all over your fingers. The jumper from WalG is the perfect beach jumper when It is slightly windy and you still want to keep warm, while you relax on the beach. They have finally made a website and I am sure in the next week you can find many cute jumpers and items there. The spike choker I am wearing, Is actually a headband/choker, you can wear it however you like and its only 99p!! The cross necklace I found in H&M mens a long time ago. 

Have a nice day!!! I am trying to enjoy the last days of summer as much as possible, as England is going to be so cold.