Love Will Mean Falling And He's Afraid Of Heights.

Dress/Charity shop
Leather Jacket/Similar Item

I found this dress a few days a go at a charity shop near my house. I thought it was really cute! I also got many other items that I will blog about soon. The leather jacket I bidded on eBay for! I had seen the jacket everywhere and needed to have it. I love to wear a really girly dress and add my leather jackets! I literally woke up rolled out of bed, put this on and went out so excuse the crazy hair. I have been enjoying my last few days here as much as I can with family before I head back to France to end my Summer. Then who knows where next?


  1. You look adorable, dear ^__^

    Many kisses,


  2. Wow, I love this look a lot, especially the ring.

    Cute to the Fashion

  3. Looooove the dress and with the socks! Nice!!

  4. Wow,I love it all. Your hair are amazing