Flowers and Sunshine


Today i woke up feeling summery bright so I decided to throw on this beautiful backless dress and silver jewellery. I feel like a Greek goddess, well almost. The dress is just so perfect and light and yet again you can dress it in so many ways but today I wanted to give it that free hippy feeling. Looking back at my style I noticed I seem to go back and forth from rock style to bohemian I think they are my favourite. I was happy to pair it with Fashuun Village head chain. They have many headchains on there website, you can view them here and the dress you can get in more colours here. If you use the code moon-magik25 on Inlovewithfashion website when you order, you can recieve 25% of.

The photos were taken in my new garden. I absolutely love the freedom to be able to go to the beach when I like or relax in the garden. I will never get used to this. Have a nice day!!

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  1. What a lovely sequence! Uh just LOVE <3