I love this sports chic top, It is really big on me and comfy and I can wear it with anything. I have had these shorts for awhile now, I found them in a cheap local store and thought I could make them work. I had to pair them with this large top and creepers to get that sports chic vibe.  The sunglasses are my boyfriends and he absolutely loves them. (The socks too) haha.
Tomorrow I am leaving France to go home in England for a few days for personal reasons, so maybe I wont get the chance to blog but soon as I am back I can flood you all with posts. I really love France and I am happy to spend the rest of my summer here but in September I will be back in England. I love to see my friends and we have so many cool vintage shops and many charity shops but other than that I find it very boring. So I will enjoy my time here with my boyfriend as much as I can.

Have a nice day!

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