I've Got A Burning Desire For You Baby

Skirt/Vintage DIY

My look today is very vintage inspired, I used to collect vintage clothing so I have many vintage items in my house in England. I purchased this skirt last year at a vintage shop where you could put as many clothes in one bag for £5. The skirt was mid length but I decided to cut it because I prefer shorter skirts in the summer. You can see my Instagram @killynicole. I love to wear vintage but its not something I do very often but lately I have started to add vintage pieces to my outfits. Back to France tomorrow! Have a nice day!

Love Will Mean Falling And He's Afraid Of Heights.

Dress/Charity shop
Leather Jacket/Similar Item

I found this dress a few days a go at a charity shop near my house. I thought it was really cute! I also got many other items that I will blog about soon. The leather jacket I bidded on eBay for! I had seen the jacket everywhere and needed to have it. I love to wear a really girly dress and add my leather jackets! I literally woke up rolled out of bed, put this on and went out so excuse the crazy hair. I have been enjoying my last few days here as much as I can with family before I head back to France to end my Summer. Then who knows where next?


I love this sports chic top, It is really big on me and comfy and I can wear it with anything. I have had these shorts for awhile now, I found them in a cheap local store and thought I could make them work. I had to pair them with this large top and creepers to get that sports chic vibe.  The sunglasses are my boyfriends and he absolutely loves them. (The socks too) haha.
Tomorrow I am leaving France to go home in England for a few days for personal reasons, so maybe I wont get the chance to blog but soon as I am back I can flood you all with posts. I really love France and I am happy to spend the rest of my summer here but in September I will be back in England. I love to see my friends and we have so many cool vintage shops and many charity shops but other than that I find it very boring. So I will enjoy my time here with my boyfriend as much as I can.

Have a nice day!

Pink Dreaming

Feeling very summery on the beach in this pink Topshop dress, I have had this dress for months but as most things it got lost in my wardrobe. It is sold out now but I have attached another Topshop dress that pretty much is the same. The shoes I got in H&M sale for £15.00, I could not find them online but maybe they are still in stores as it was recent that i purchased them. I love the beach in Rang Du Fliers I really can relax here. Have a nice day!!

Flowers and Sunshine


Today i woke up feeling summery bright so I decided to throw on this beautiful backless dress and silver jewellery. I feel like a Greek goddess, well almost. The dress is just so perfect and light and yet again you can dress it in so many ways but today I wanted to give it that free hippy feeling. Looking back at my style I noticed I seem to go back and forth from rock style to bohemian I think they are my favourite. I was happy to pair it with Fashuun Village head chain. They have many headchains on there website, you can view them here and the dress you can get in more colours here. If you use the code moon-magik25 on Inlovewithfashion website when you order, you can recieve 25% of.

The photos were taken in my new garden. I absolutely love the freedom to be able to go to the beach when I like or relax in the garden. I will never get used to this. Have a nice day!!