Instagram Update

Instagram photos from my really broken iphone. Some were taken in Nepal and the others taken in England. Follow me on @killynicole and if you don't have Instagram then I will post updates on my Instagram here.

Enchanted Forest

These photos were taken in Chitwan Nepal, I was literally in the middle of nowhere with my boyfriend riding bikes through the beautiful places We found a hut that sold bikes, we managed to persuade them to rent us one. I was happy because being in the middle of nowhere, everything is way too far to reach on foot. The pants I found In Chitwan and instantly fell in love with the print. I have linked a similar item. I am also wearing matching floral sunglasses and my favourite almost falling apart Dr Martens. It was a beautiful day riding in the sun with a picnic.


Accessories/Handmade In Nepal

I love this vintage dress I found in Value village Canada. Its so comfy and you can wear it casual and dress it up at night. It is probably one of my favourite polkadot dresses. My jewerelly I found in the National park in Chitwan Nepal. I fell in love with all of the jewerelly. I wanted to take it all back home with me! My hair is a crazy mess, I guess i need to wash it haha! 

Summer Love

I purchased this dress in Nepal Chitwan, I love blue jewellery so I thought that I could match it quite well. The necklace I brought in the National park in Chitwan. I had the most amazing time, riding elephants, bathing, cannoning, jungle walks. I also got chased by a wild elephant, luckily my tour guide new a close tower house to hide in but it was fun and lots of adventure. The necklace is handmade by the local people in Chitwan, I have been going crazy on the jewellery here it is so amazing. You can see more photos of my everyday life on my Instagram @Killynicole. My style is always changing, In summer I wear more colours. Soon I will post more photos of my whole trip!

Flower Skull

I am spending allot of time biking through Chitwan in the 45 degrees weather. Teaching monks everyday at the monastery and spending all my free time with my boyfriend. Here I am wearing a tassel tank, which as you can right now I am obsessed with and these denim shorts live on me at the moment. They will probably fall apart by the end of my trip. I have not found any similar as of yet but I am looking.