Patan Temple

Accessories/ collected over time

Thank you Inlovewithfashion for this beautiful floral dress it was perfect for my visit to Patan temple. We spent most of the day being tourists and looking around, it really is amazing i have never seen anything like that before. I spent some time on my own sitting by the temple relaxing. After we had lunch in Patan, you can see photos on my Instagram. I was excited to eat bacon and fries because all I have had since I have been here is Nepali food, It is amazing but I missed home food. The hut by the place I am staying do really good 
noodles tho, we go every night and have them. 

When we got back we made everyone french pancakes with nutella or jam and pasta. The children loved it! and so did i. Making them smile makes me smile. I have many blog posts to upload, its really difficult as I cant find anywhere with fast Internet. 

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  1. WOW, your pictures are really impressing :)
    The look is wonderful, it's great how everything matches perfectly!