Meeting The Orphans

Me and Edif arrived at the orphanage where I will be staying for the next month. I picked up the children from school and they were very excited to meet me as I was to meet them. The first day they played with skipping ropes and frisbys that I had brought with me. We played many games as the children were of school on a holiday. It was fun to see them really happy and enjoying themselves. 

We helped with everyone's homework, mostly English and reading and Science. They speak very good English and they really love learning and want to learn as much as they can it is so cute. I will plan English lessons for children and the adults as they have asked me if I could. 

It is amazing to be here, it feels very surreal at the moment. I love looking after the children and spoiling them because they all are the most loveliest and kind little things. I am already in love with the littlest girl Ashika, she follows me round holding my hand all day and calls me sister. She is always smiling and when she gets excited she pulls the cutest face I have ever seen. You can see on the photos, isn't she adorable. There is another small orphan called Dipesh who never talks, he just ninja kicks the air all day and always wants to do homework all day instead of playing. The children appreciate everything, from having the chance to use  shampoo and conditioner  they were so excited.  It makes you appreciate absolutely everything. 

On the first day of meeting the orphans, one of the oldest orphan Deepu fractured his arm playing football. So I took him to the hospital and spent many hours with him. He is fine now so the second day was really good. I got all the girls really cute headlands and bobbles for there hair, so they can have them for school. I found a local shop close by the orphanage that sells the cutest things at the lowest prices and so much hello kitty. Keep me away!!

I am feeling settled in already after a few days, so now Its time to explore Kathmandu.


  1. This is so sweet of you. Love the photos. The kids look really happy :D

  2. wow killey you are so sweet! the children are all so cute! it looks like your are enjoying yourself. Stay safe adn I cant wait to see more post! BTW through what company did you do this I have been wanting to go help out too :)