Green Top/ Charity shop

This outfit is how i feel at peace, liberated. I have found a certain peace in myself.
My time in Kathmandu has been beyond amazing, I found a part of myself I needed to see. The person that puts others before herself, the person that did not want to buy anything because I knew I could use the money, for the children. Someone who cares about the world and the people in it, not just myself. The children have taught me so much and I have fell in love with all of there personality's. They are amazing, a gift sent to me. They make me so warm, they make me laugh all day. They are grateful and appreciate everything I have done since my stay, and that I will continue to do. I am sad here and sometimes happy but that's only realisation of others lives and how very different mine was. I wash my clothes in a bucket and I eat rice 3 times a day with my right hand. I became one of them to know and love them. Nepal will always be in my heart!


  1. love the outfit <3 you look awesome

  2. Very beautiful outfit!!And by the way you are gorgeous!!!That trip seems to change your point of view and life ^^

  3. Sooo cool look, babe! I'm really into round glasses and you just rock these one! Also the boots and the shorts!!! True perfection! :)


  4. Beautiful! You are really really pretty in this pics! =)
    I love the headband and the necklace.
    Indian style fits you


  5. This outfit is just perfection !


    Coline ♡