Photo shoot time! On the roof of the house I am living, We watch the sunset every night here and its beautiful. If you look close in some photos you can see the mountains. I packed my denim shorts for this trip but somehow they disappeared and feeling so lost without them, I finally found these and I have been looking for weeks. There are many cute stores, I have lists of things I want to buy before i leave. Mostly Hello kitty and jewerelly. The fashion here is very limited as most woman wear Long dresses and pants and cover most of there body. I have been rocking harem pants and maxi dresses for my duration of my stay but I had to free my pale legs to the sun light in private. The choker is back but this time I mixed it up with the Bindi, afterall I am in Nepal. One more week left before Chitwan, It will be sad to leave the children because I love them all already.


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  2. hey. I'm Nepalese and moved into England when I was around 13 years old. Hope you had a good time while you were there, I'm hoping to visit my family and Nepal next summer :)