Necklace/Monkey Temple

I brought this dress at my local charity shop in England, I am not sure the brand so I have linked a similar item. I am obsessed with thrift shopping and I am missing it! I already got myself a henna pen from Nepal but one exploded and the other a monkey stole from my bag. After the children started to cover there bodies in it. So I went to the local beauty parlour and they did it for me, I am happy with the outcome but here on the photos it was very light because I just had it done. It is dark brown now and I am thinking of having my feet done but I don't want to overkill it ha ha. My style is always changing, at the moment I don't really no what to call this style I guess its just me with a little influence of Nepal and India and happiness.


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  2. you're so flawless!
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    Bon début de semaine


    Coline ♡