Arriving to Kathmandu

Pants/Charity shop

After a long 12 hour flight, two planes later I finally arrived in Kathmandu Nepal. I was greeted by the coordinator. Then we were taken to our hotel room. There i met Nick, Tom, Sam, Anya and Sharn. They were part of Gap force organisation. I am part of New Hope Volunteers, so sadly I wont be seeing them after I leave to the orphanage I will work.
We had traditional Nepali food which was so delicious and we was also blessed by the priest on the first day, as they were doing a ceremony for us shanting Sanksirt language. It was amazing to see and be a part of. I loved my red spot on my forehead, however it would not come of haha. We all get to take part in a language class and education on culture and history of Nepal. I leaned to say 'Namaste' which means hello and also 'Mero narm ho' which means my name is. So I have been practising with people. I found it really interesting to learn about the casts of ethicity. There is Brahamin which is the top and the cast following by, Baishya and Sudra people. You have to marry in your casts, so if you are a Brahmin and you married a Sudra it would not be socially accepted. It seems that social appearance and acceptance is the most powerful here. If you are not accepted into your community, you will find it very hard to have friends and  lead a good Nepali life. Many sudra try to change there lasts name to be more social and not separated. I have been trying to guess peoples casts that I meet, Its quite fun!
I went to the city in Thamel, it was so crazy on the roads. I have never seen anything like it, so if you think that you have bad traffic you should take a visit here its mental. The culture change is very different as you can imagine the country is very poor. I have already been to poor country's so the culture change was not a shock for me. I love to explore and experience new people and new things for my eyes and ears.  In thamel we had to buy Sims for our phones and we found somewhere to relax. We spent hours in a amazing restaurant with hookah and cocktails. After we all decided to buy the same bracelet which is really nice, as we are all on this journey together and even if we haven't known each other long, when you travel to a new place so far 
from home, you can find comfort and home in people. 

My blog will still be a fashion blog but I will be posting pictures of my time here and also look book posts.

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  1. Wow it looks like you are having a bunch of fun. Great photos!! Be safe! :) can't wait to hear more! :))