Green Top/ Charity shop

This outfit is how i feel at peace, liberated. I have found a certain peace in myself.
My time in Kathmandu has been beyond amazing, I found a part of myself I needed to see. The person that puts others before herself, the person that did not want to buy anything because I knew I could use the money, for the children. Someone who cares about the world and the people in it, not just myself. The children have taught me so much and I have fell in love with all of there personality's. They are amazing, a gift sent to me. They make me so warm, they make me laugh all day. They are grateful and appreciate everything I have done since my stay, and that I will continue to do. I am sad here and sometimes happy but that's only realisation of others lives and how very different mine was. I wash my clothes in a bucket and I eat rice 3 times a day with my right hand. I became one of them to know and love them. Nepal will always be in my heart!


Necklace/Monkey Temple

I brought this dress at my local charity shop in England, I am not sure the brand so I have linked a similar item. I am obsessed with thrift shopping and I am missing it! I already got myself a henna pen from Nepal but one exploded and the other a monkey stole from my bag. After the children started to cover there bodies in it. So I went to the local beauty parlour and they did it for me, I am happy with the outcome but here on the photos it was very light because I just had it done. It is dark brown now and I am thinking of having my feet done but I don't want to overkill it ha ha. My style is always changing, at the moment I don't really no what to call this style I guess its just me with a little influence of Nepal and India and happiness.


Photo shoot time! On the roof of the house I am living, We watch the sunset every night here and its beautiful. If you look close in some photos you can see the mountains. I packed my denim shorts for this trip but somehow they disappeared and feeling so lost without them, I finally found these and I have been looking for weeks. There are many cute stores, I have lists of things I want to buy before i leave. Mostly Hello kitty and jewerelly. The fashion here is very limited as most woman wear Long dresses and pants and cover most of there body. I have been rocking harem pants and maxi dresses for my duration of my stay but I had to free my pale legs to the sun light in private. The choker is back but this time I mixed it up with the Bindi, afterall I am in Nepal. One more week left before Chitwan, It will be sad to leave the children because I love them all already.

Monkey Temple

Hello! I am having a really amazing time, It is very exhausting but It is worth it. Everyday I am up so early and non stop throughout the day. It is taking me a long time to upload posts as the Internet here is almost impossible. I am trying to fit in the time to blog! I visited the monkey temple which was a really beautiful place as you can see, the cheeky monkey stole my henna from my bag haha, not so clever because i have the photos to prove it. I am missing my family and friends so much but I know soon I will be home. .