Skull Sunglasses/Primark

If you're happy and you know it wear SMILEYS!! The smiley face logo was created in the 60s but I know it from the Nirvana logo which is probably why I love it because Nirvana was my childhood and still is one of my favourite bands of all time. When i want to be casual I always seem to wear leggings and crop tops and i absolutely love printed leggings, i need to invest in more! Have a nice smiley day :)


  1. Nirvana, so timeless, so excellent. I really was in love with Kurt during my teenagehood and only searching for long blonde haired men ahah. And not to forget that my idol is Dave fucking Grohl (spiritual father).

  2. Your body is perf! Ughhh I wish I had your body!! :( cute clothes too lol :)

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