Blue Crush

Hi guys! I am obsessed with this skirt, the blue crush effect and lightning is so cute. I love the split maxi design. I really love skirts like this, it is very comfortable to wear in Spring/Summer. The weather really puts me in a good mood. I just want now to be in Asia in the sunshine with the beautiful people but guess what I only have ONE WEEK to go!! I should really start packing, 2 months of clothes in one backpack is not going to be easy. I am sorry for the lack of outfit posting, after next week there will be so many more to come! 

Have a good Friday!


Skull Sunglasses/Primark

If you're happy and you know it wear SMILEYS!! The smiley face logo was created in the 60s but I know it from the Nirvana logo which is probably why I love it because Nirvana was my childhood and still is one of my favourite bands of all time. When i want to be casual I always seem to wear leggings and crop tops and i absolutely love printed leggings, i need to invest in more! Have a nice smiley day :)

Candy Crush

Pink Headscarf/Unknown/Similar Item
Silver Heels/Unknown/Similar item

I love the sweet pastel candy shades that just make you want summer to arrive faster. I feel like a giant cupcake! The candy trend is one of my favourites for summer, so when I seen this dress I fell in love it's both pretty and appropriate for the season. If you do not think this trend suits you, you can always just add a pastel bag or jeans to any outfit, even some pale shoes or mix pastels and neutrals. Look for colours like pale yellow, blush pink, ice blue, lavender and washed peach, washed tie dye colours. You can make head scarfs using any fabric, Mine was made with some fabric I found.

In love with fashion have some amazing candy shades in there online store. You can find them here.
To get the candy look, here are more of my favourite items.


Here are some of my favourite Insta photos. I am like most people addicted to my iphone and taking photos on Instagram!! I love to have all of these memories to look back on. People ask me why I am always taking photos of random things? Well why the hell not? I love to keep the memory not just in my mind but in a picture. I am thinking of making a wall collage for my bedroom of all my photos. So for anyone that does not use Instagram here are my favourite recent photographs. You can follow me @killynicole and ask me any questions you like. Have an awesome Monday!