Oscar Wilde

I haven't been able to post any outfit posts this week as my boyfriend had exams and was studying, I took some quick snaps of this awesome sweater The Orphan's arms sent me. Ignore my moody face I was happy honestly!! This is definitely my new favourite sweater, perfect for Spring as it isn't to thick so you could wear it in the summer to. As Oscar Wilde the man himself said. "Be yourself everyone else is taken."

Take a look at The Orphan's arms here 


  1. Love your disco pants ! From Amercian Apparel ? I wish I could pull it off like you do

    1. I got them from a cheap store by my house for 3Pounds hahaha.. the quality isnt nowhere near as good as american apparel. xx

    2. Ahah what a bargain, it's the same !

    3. I can send you some? x

    4. That would be very nice but I'm not really thin so don't know if they'll fit me^^