Valentines Day Outfit Ideas

I am really excited for valentines day, I know its just another commerical day in the year but I really enjoy it, but the question is, what do you wear? I have some outfit choices for you! Maybe you are going to the movies with friends or a nice restaurant with your boyfriend. I have put together a few valentines day outfits for those singletons and the lovers. These are what came to mind.

Polkadot Lover:
Polka Dot Trousers/Boohoo/£30.00  
Red Top/Topshop/£38.00 
Black Platform Heels/eBay/£25.99 
MAC Red Lipstick/MAC/£14.00 
Cross Gold Watch/ASOS/£10.00  
Gold Collar Necklace/eBay/£3.76   
Black Bowler Hat/eBay/£4.39 

I really adore this outfit, I love the polka dot print trouser with the splash of red on the lips and top, to make the look alot more simple you could Take away the hat and have your hair really sleek to one side with a few loose Curls. If you want to be more casual without the heels just add some Dr Martens Boots. It will look GREAT and definitely grunge it up! 

Simple LBD:
This dress looks amazing and I have actually ordered it myself. I could not believe it when I seen the price, it is a must have in your wardrobe. If your Not a big fan of wearing alot of red, this outfit is perfect.. With just a little splash of red on The shoes. This outfit is great if you want to add some edge to Valentines day. With a little heart ring And some cute red shoes it obvious you haven't forgotten that it is valentines your just to busy being cool. Ha ha!! Take away the waist belt and earrings and there you have a really simple outfit. Both are really gorgeous! 

Pink Princess:

 This is my favourite look. I think its really young and fresh. The pink is really romantic and the floaty dress is to die for. Adding some cute accessories can really make you look like a edgy princess. Wear your hair like Marie Antoinette or messy loose curls. If you want to be different then this is the outfit for you. Nothing better than rocking Valentines day with Hellbounds and spikes!

This will be my first Valentines Day with my boyfriend. What will you be doing? I have already planned my Valentine day outfit, keep posted for photos.


  1. I love the 2nd outfit! I actually have that ring and ear rings lol. That dress is so cute I'm going to order it soon! :)

    1. Thank you, I am sure your going to look cute x