The Pink Flower

Kimona/Charity shop

The sun came out today and it actually felt like summer for once so i decided to wear my favourite kimono, that i got from a charity shop with a matching dress which i wouldn't wear together but still is cute. The jewellery was a gift so I'm not sure where it is from and YES again i am wearing the most comfortable heels i own. The amazing Hellbounds, which i cant take of. I am going to buy another pair, which colour should i buy?


  1. you should get the red ones! those are the ones i want to get that or the blue ones but they seem to be sold out everywhere, if you find a store that has them please let me know! :)

    1. You can either get the real ones or the copy x

  2. Oh, I love those photos, they are stunning. I also like the way you`ve paired the chunky heeled boots with the flower details. Amazing combo you`ve got there.