Leather And White

Leather Jacket/eBay

I was so excited when i received this leather jacket yesterday. I really needed a new one so so i decided to look on eBay for a biker over sized jacket..and luckily i won this bid for £60!!!!! I am probably going to be living in it, so you will see this jacket on here alot lately, probably to much. This girly/rock look is my favourite style and always has been since i can remember. I love to wear pretty dresses and grunge them out with leather,spikes,buckles, feathers.. !! Clear blue sky today and the sun is shining, I cannot wait for SPRING!!! Makes me overly happy. I ordered new shoes today, I will make a new post on them soon as they arrive.


  1. I love your style! I'm always scared to order from eBay because I'm scared stuff won't fit me haha. I love that dress though! Your pictures always come out so nice! :) I can't wait for spring too. It was so nice yesterday but I didn't have time to shoot a look for my blog and now it's starting to get cold again -___-

    1. Sometimes I am too lazy to go shopping so i order online alot, I was scared the jacket wouldnt fit tho and be really big but it turned out perfect,phew!!! Yeah its really hard to get in the time to take photos but if you do it quick it can just take 10 mins. Make your boyfriend your new photographer, I'm sure he wont mind. x

    2. I'm not very photogenic and I can keep a straight face I'm always giggling lol. It ends up taking me forever to get one good shot haha :p