Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! I'm wearing this really pretty red dress that i thought was perfect for valentines day. I made my own flower crown, What do you think? I'm thinking about opening my own etsy store. I am wearing my hellbounds again, this is what happens when you buy them.. you cannot remove them from your feet. They are currently on sale on Dollskill, the tan and the indigo colours are available but the others are out of stock. How tempted I am to buy the Indigo. Soon I will be leaving to Asia and I am probably going to need Trekking boots rather than Hellbounds!! 

Have a great day!!


  1. Your crown came out nice! I love the big roses! I have been wanting to get some hellbounds but they are all sold out in black and they cost a lot of money :/ there is going to be an UNIF sample sale here in march so I am hoping to buy some there :3 I love this look and the backdrop is pretty too! I hope my pictures are as good as yours some day. Hope you had a great vday! xoxo

    1. Did you do anything nice for v day?x

  2. gorgeous dress! xxx


  3. You look simply stunning! x

  4. You really impressed me today