Bows and Lace (+GIVEAWAY)

Vintage Shirt
Vintage chiffon blouse
H&M gold cuff

This beautiful black lace skirt is by Kristines Collection. When i received it i fell in love it is so pretty. They also have it in white and blue. It is definitely a must have in your wardrobe! What is there not to love about a high waisted lace skirt, that you can float around in!! You can find it here Kristines Collection

I also have collabrated with Kristines Collection for a giveaway. This stunning brown tanned bag could be yours. Just folllow me @killynicole on Instagram and tag #moonmagikclutch


  1. I love the new shoes! They look like JC's :) also this look reminds me of sailor moon I don't know why lol. Did you ever watch it?

    1. oooooh i want to watch that!! it looks so cute, have you watched howls moving castle or spirited away. Favourite animations x

    2. Yes I have I love those movies! They are so sad :(