Black lace

Hamsa Bracelet - Morocco
Silver Bracelets - Charity shop
Hat - Charity shop
Rings - Collected along the years 
Sneakers - Isabel Marant 

I found these two silver bracelet's at my local Charity shop for 99p. They are real silver so I could not believe my luck. I have been wearing them ever since. This look is inspired by one of my favourite movies The Craft. Witches, Bitches, Spells, Crosses, short tartan skirts, everything that pulls on my heart strings. I love the scene when Sarah wears a Black blazer and a black beret. I love films about witches so if anyone could recommend any that would be great.   

The craft pictures taken from Movpins


  1. You look amazing, love the lace and the jewellery too


  2. Hi Killy! I Love your style!

  3. Hey ! I made a blog too :) Well, not so well right now but I'm working on it, it would be a better one than my 2010 disaster ahah. I didn't share with anyone I know yet, I'll wait to be proud of it...

    Anyway, The Craft is one of my fav movie too, I love witches ! You can watch Disney's "Hocus Pocus" (I know all the movie by heart); TV show "The Secret Circle" (it only has 1 season but a really good one); "The Witches of Eastwick"; "Un Amour De Sorcière" (french movie with Vanessa Paradis); Beastly (with witchy Mary-Kate Olsen <3); "Practical Magic"...
    For the newer ones, it has "Oz: The Great and Powerful"; "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" and "Beautiful Creatures" but didn't see them.

    [Whoa sorry, my comment looks like a short story !]

    1. I love you Adeline, thank you for these movies. I cant wait to see Beautiful creatures it looks soooooooooooo cool!! wish we could watch it together :)

      Your english is really good!!!!!!!!

      Just keep posting and commenting on other blogs to gain followers :)

      In the summer we can do outfit posts together on my camera x

    2. For my english, I have to admit, I check some words but I can easily make sentences, I looove that language so it's a pleasure to practice and it a bonus for having readers (it seems I have ones but no comments yet, I rarely post comments on blogs but I'll try to as I have to get followers to get noticed)

      Ahhh can't wait ! You'll see, I'm so not comfortable in front of a camera, that's the problem but I have to pose to do outfit posts but I'm sure I'll love it with your magic camera.

    3. At first it was difficult to pose espeically because I do it outside and you get many people looking. If were together we can make it fun. Im going to do a list on my blog of my favourite blogs so i will add yours. Just dont give up even if you feel nobody reads it because you have to keep going and eventually you will get readers and followers.. its long but worth it x x

    4. I don't do it in the street, my brother is ashamed to take pictures ON the street ahah, he's very shy so I won't push him, but you seem very comfortable in front of the camera (and even if you're not, it doesn't show).
      Thanks for the future link, you give me a good support, that's kind. I may have few viewers but they don't comment, I read a lot of blogs without commenting too, I have to continue mostly because I love doing that. :)