Christmas in England

I decided to stay home for Christmas, to be with my family and my Nice and Nephews. Imogen, Rio and Coco. I had a really special day just cuddling Imogen because she's way too cute. I received some really amazing gifts, my favorite gifts were a green tartan Zara suit, Diana F camera, Zara stud court shoes, Hellbound style boots, Shantaram book, Nikkor and Tamron lens, Spike leather jacket and a bracelet from Africa. The best part of my day is to see my nephews open there presents. They both received a new bike and they spent, the day riding around my living room haha. Although I missed my boyfriend I was happy that on the next day, I would be leaving To France to visit him and his family, to have another little Christmas with them. To visit friends and enjoy the winter beach. My Christmas was one of the best yet!! And I really wish my Mom could make This delicious Christmas meal everyday.

I didn't take any pictures of me on this day only on My instagram @killykatt

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