Jacket - Thrifted
Shorts - Topshop
Shoes - Vintage
Shirt - Thirfted  

 I have been planning my trip To Nepal. I will be volunteering in Kathmandu and Chitwan for 8 weeks. I am still making plans. I would like to teach English, work in the orphanage and also teach monks, and learn as much as I can about Buddhism. I am still trying to prepare my mind for the culture change and the environment change. I know that it will be a big change but I guess life starts when you are not in your comfort zone. I hope that I can make a difference in peoples lives even if it is only for a short amount of time.

After my volunteer experience is over I will be flying from Kathmandu to India. I am beyond excited for the whole adventure. I know that it is something I will keep with me forever. If anyone has any advice or help with what I should take with me, or even want to share there own adventures with me. I will appreciate it very much. I will be blogging my whole trip :)

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  1. I've been to India many time and the only advice i have for you is to never give any beggars money.. in the case that you really have a soft spot for them, just buy them drinks or food! Have a safe trip!