Winter Tartan

Coat - Ebay
Shirt - Ebay
Leggings - Ebay
Ear cuff - Ebay
Creeper heels - Ebay

I should feel ashamed that I haven't posted here for almost a year. This year has been one of my best, I fell in love with the most amazing French boy, who is now my boyfriend. Spent my Year travelling around Sweden, Morocco, France, Madrid, Palma Mallorca, Belgium with
My love. Now I'm back home for awhile , just in time for Christmas shopping, big jumpers, German market and lots of food.

Today I went to a vintage store. I was so excited when I got given a bag and was told I could fill it for £10. So i couldn't resist rummaging through every item of clothing. Absolute heaven!!

Everything I'm wearing is from eBay, total addict!


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