Valentines day

Happy Late Valentines DAY!!
I hope everyone had a nice day .First valentines alone but I'm not bitter about it. I have chocolate and that's better than anything :)

Velvet Narnia

I was so tempted to make a snowman today but towards the afternoon the snow started to turn to slush. I hope it snows more, Its so cliche but it does remind of Narnia all dreamy and white. The outfit was me waking up and throwing on clothes, It wasn't thought out at all.. but sometimes those are the best outfits right? I had a meal with my mom today, mixed girl for main and  ice cream, chocolate cake and everything else that was filled in this huge glass of yummyness, for desert. I was still hungry after, I have no idea why but I could eat it all again. 

Winter Rainbow

Love this jumper that I found in COW vintage store in Birmingham, It was £1 so I was more than happy to make It mine. Just after these photos had been taken it started to SNOW, I love the snow but I do not want to make a snowman or play In the snow, I just like to watch. Have a good weekend and wrap up! x

A certain shade of green

Today I don't feel too good, Tooth pain sucks!!! and the worst thing Is dentists scare the hell out of me ha ha, but I guess it has to be done. I got this dress from a store called 'Value village' thrift store in Canada, I think they have it the US too. I wish we had that store here in the UK, I was addicted to the cheap prices and you can find vintage pieces in there too. Every time I put this dress on i just want to twirl and twirl round. :)


It was so cold today I could barely stand still for a picture, My mom told me i look Scottish? I haven't wore tartan in so long, so now I'm searching for my tartan trousers and eating pizza. Oh I love you Papa Johns!!

''Enjoy the little things in life, some day you will realize they were actually the big things.''