Grey & Brown

Top thrift store, Trousers H&M, Bag vintage, Earrings Boots, Cuffs h&m

I spent the weekend having drinks with friends, spending time with my nephews. Watching the movie 'Paul' because my nephew Rio is absolutely obsessed with it, He sneaked the DVD into his bag for school and wouldn't let go of it ha ha. So happy :D

''Each of us has a gift to share...none are insignificant...the gift of laughter, the gift of strength, the gift of love... let the light of your gift shine for all to see and never know who might need it. '' 

Candles & Bodycon

I am actually am In love with this dress, my mom got it me for Christmas from my favorite website ever EBAY. Click here to purchase. :) My DR Martens I've had since I was 14 from Download festival which were £5, I actually think I will still be wearing them when I'm 60. My eyes were watering , as you can see on the pictures from the sunlight, I could not see a thing.

Today I got new candles and that excites me and some pretty jewellery, I relaxed in a bath with Radox muscle relax and I actually felt like I was high on something. Anyway HURRAY Its the weekend!!. xox

Velvet and lace

Leggings ebay, Hat ebay, Coat vintage, Platforms Japan. Lace shirt H&M

Spent the last two days with my best friend Jessica, having so much fun. I don't think its possible for anyone to make me laugh as much as she can. It actually hurts. I love my platforms, I think you either love them or you hate them. I thought they wouldn't be very stable to walk In but actually It feels like I'm just wearing flats. The platform is so chunky you can just walk everywhere on your tippy toes, but I do not recommend that ha ha.