Stratford Upon Avon

This weekend was my boyfriends 21st birthday, so I took him to see Stratford, the place where Shakespeare was born. We visited the butterfly farm, which was so amazing. I have never been to one before, all the butterflies were so beautiful flying around the place which looked like a rainforest's. We visited Shakespeare house which was nice to see, a very educational experience ha ha. We spent most of the time in the gift shop. I got myself a bag with Shakespeare face on, on the back was a list of all his plays. It was a really nice day out but I am so glad I wore my big coat. FRREEEEEZING!!


Wolf mother

Top - primark
Shorts - boyfriends
Choker - eBay
Tights - eBay 
Ring - eBay 

Thursday morning Inspiration

Marrakech stole my heart

 I was just looking at these photos from when I went to Morocco the 13th June this summer, they really make my heart warm. The place that will always remain in my heart, the place I fell in love. Morocco Marrakech is the most awesome place, I wanted to buy every item of clothing, all the handmade bags and jewellery. Steal all the kittens and cats, eat all the amazing food. I can't wait to go back the start of next year. It is a must see place! I'm going to upload pictures of my travels this year soon, so many pictures. voila!!!


Glitter sunshine

 Black jacket - Ebay
Red floral blazer - Vintage Ebay
Spike Necklace - Ebay
Leather shorts - COW vintage
Wedge boots - Ebay

I brought this black jacket for my best friend Jessica from the bag a fiver store, but it did not fit her so i stole it instead. Today was so beautiful. Clear blue sky and just leaves floating everywhere, it was so dreamey. Pretty good for the crappy English weather. I'm going to watch witch craft 90s films and drink hot chocolate :)


Winter Tartan

Coat - Ebay
Shirt - Ebay
Leggings - Ebay
Ear cuff - Ebay
Creeper heels - Ebay

I should feel ashamed that I haven't posted here for almost a year. This year has been one of my best, I fell in love with the most amazing French boy, who is now my boyfriend. Spent my Year travelling around Sweden, Morocco, France, Madrid, Palma Mallorca, Belgium with
My love. Now I'm back home for awhile , just in time for Christmas shopping, big jumpers, German market and lots of food.

Today I went to a vintage store. I was so excited when I got given a bag and was told I could fill it for £10. So i couldn't resist rummaging through every item of clothing. Absolute heaven!!

Everything I'm wearing is from eBay, total addict!